Toy Story (1995)

Animation, Adventure, Family, Comedy
Led by Woody, Andy's toys live happily in his room until Andy's birthday brings Buzz Lightyear onto the scene. Afraid of losing his place in Andy's heart, Woody plots against Buzz. But when circumstances separate Buzz and Woody from their owner, the duo eventually learns to put aside their differences.

Toy Story Film Info

Score: 8/10 van 14445 stemmen
Status: Released IMDb
Release Datum: 1995-10-30
Lengte: 81 Minuut / 1:21
Regisseur: John Lasseter
Schrijvers Andrew Stanton, Joss Whedon, Joel Cohen, Alec Sokolow.
Productie Studio: Pixar
Productie Land: United States of America

Toy Story Trailer

Tom Hanks
als Woody (voice)
Tim Allen
als Buzz Lightyear (voice)
Don Rickles
als Mr. Potato Head (voice)
Jim Varney
als Slinky Dog (voice)
Wallace Shawn
als Rex (voice)
John Ratzenberger
als Hamm (voice)
Annie Potts
als Bo Peep (voice)
John Morris
als Andy (voice)
Erik von Detten
als Sid (voice)
Laurie Metcalf
als Mrs. Davis (voice)
R. Lee Ermey
als Sergeant (voice)
Sarah Freeman
als Hannah (voice)
Penn Jillette
als TV Announcer (voice)
Jack Angel
als Shark / Rocky Gibraltar (voice)
Spencer Aste
als Wounded Soldier (voice)
Greg Berg
als Local Announcer (voice)
Lisa Bradley
als Kid (voice)
Kendall Cunningham
als Kid (voice)
Debi Derryberry
als Aliens / Pizza Planet Announcer (voice)
Cody Dorkin
als Kid (voice)
Bill Farmer
als Monotone Announcer (voice)
Craig Good
als Mission Control (voice)
Gregory Grudt
als Kid (voice)
Danielle Judovits
als Burned Rag Doll (voice)
Sam Lasseter
als Kid (voice)
Brittany Levenbrown
als Kid (voice)
Sherry Lynn
als Mom (voice)
Scott McAfee
als Kid (voice)
Mickie McGowan
als Sid's Mom (voice)
Ryan O'Donohue
als Kid (voice)
Jeff Pidgeon
als Aliens / Robot / Mr. Spell (voice)
Patrick Pinney
als Pizza Delivery Guy / Angry Driver #2 (voice)
Phil Proctor
als Pizza Planet Announcer / Pizza Planet Guard (voice)
Jan Rabson
als Gas Station Attendant (voice)
Joe Ranft
als Lenny the Binoculars (voice)
Andrew Stanton
als Commercial Chorus (voice)
Shane Sweet
als Kid (voice)
Nathan Lane
als Timon (voice) (archive footage) (uncredited)
John Lasseter
als Commercial Chorus #1 (voice) (uncredited)
Ernie Sabella
als Pumbaa (voice) (archive footage) (uncredited)
Jonathan Benair
als Troops (uncredited)
Andrew Stanton Screenplay
Andrew Stanton Original Story
Andrew Stanton Character Designer
Lee Unkrich Editor
Graham Walters Shading
Graham Walters Modeling
John Lasseter Director
John Lasseter Original Story
Mike Fenton Casting
Gary Rydstrom Sound Designer
Gary Rydstrom Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Janet Hirshenson Casting
Don Davis Orchestrator
Pat Jackson Sound Effects Editor
Jeff Pidgeon Animation
Ralph Eggleston Art Direction
Randy Newman Original Music Composer
Randy Newman Orchestrator
Thomas Porter Visual Effects Supervisor
Tia W. Kratter Lead Painter
Glenn McQueen Animation
Rich Quade Animation Director
Eben Ostby Visual Effects Technical Director
Ruth Lambert Casting Consultant
Joe Ranft Original Story
Bud Luckey Animation
Bud Luckey Character Designer
Jonas Rivera Production Office Assistant
Robin Cooper CG Painter
Norm DeCarlo Sculptor
Doug Sweetland Animation
Shawn Krause Animation
Jeff Pratt Animation
Michael Berenstein Animation
Jimmy Hayward Animation
Karen Kiser Animation
David Tart Animation
Alan Sperling Animation
Dan Engstrom Assistant Sound Editor
Deirdre Warin Shading
Deirdre Warin Modeling
Mark Adams Modeling
Mark Adams Lighting Artist
Daniel McCoy Software Engineer
Anthony A. Apodaca Shading
Anthony A. Apodaca Lighting Artist
Anthony A. Apodaca Software Engineer
Rob Cook Software Engineer
Louis Rivera Camera Supervisor
Don Conway Camera Technician
Dennie Thorpe Foley
Tony Eckert Foley
Tim Holland Supervising Sound Editor
Pete Docter Original Story
Pete Docter Supervising Animator
Joss Whedon Screenplay
Joel Cohen Screenplay
Alec Sokolow Screenplay
Bonnie Arnold Producer
Ed Catmull Executive Producer
Ralph Guggenheim Producer
Steve Jobs Executive Producer
Ash Brannon Animation Director
Karen Robert Jackson Production Supervisor
Sharon Calahan Lighting Supervisor
William Cone CG Painter
William Cone Character Designer
Tom Myers Sound Design Assistant
Galyn Susman Lighting Supervisor
Kevin Reher Production Controller
Mickie McGowan ADR Voice Casting
Colin Brady Animation
Mark Oftedal Animation
Guionne Leroy Animation
Chris Montan Executive Music Producer
Robert Lence Script Supervisor
Tom Holloway Character Designer
Meredith Layne Casting Assistant
Robert Gordon Editor
Dan Haskett Character Designer
Steve Rabatich Animation
Dana Mulligan Assistant Editor
James Flamberg Music Editor
Mark Dornfeld Title Graphics
Lucas Putnam Assistant Production Coordinator
Mark Thomas Henne Visual Effects
J.R. Grubbs Assistant Sound Editor
Marilyn McCoppen ADR Editor
Steve Johnson Software Engineer
Gary Summers Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Hal T. Hickel Animation
Dale E. Grahn Color Timer
Sonoko Konishi Set Dresser
Tom Barwick Foley
Jean Gillmore Character Designer
Kim Blanchette Animation
Angie Glocka Animation
Ken Willard Animation
Victoria Livingstone Production Intern
Susan Bradley Title Designer
Lauren Beth Strogoff Unit Publicist
Steve Segal Animation
Mary Helen Leasman Foley Editor
Robin Lee Assistant Editor
Patsy Bouge Post Production Supervisor
Triva von Klark Animation Manager
Rich Mackay Negative Cutter
Mary Beth Smith Negative Cutter
Rick Mackay Negative Cutter
William Reeves Supervising Technical Director
Davey Crockett Feiten Animation
Rex Grignon Animation
Tom K. Gurney Animation
Anthony B. LaMolinara Animation
Les Major Animation
Doug Sheppeck Animation
Oren Jacob Visual Effects
Darwyn Peachey Visual Effects
Mitch Prater Visual Effects
Brian M. Rosen Visual Effects
Shelley Daniels Lekven Sculptor
Roman Figun Layout
Desirée Mourad Layout
Kelly O'Connell Set Dresser
Ann M. Rockwell Set Dresser
Julie M. McDonald Editorial Manager
Tom Freeman Assistant Editor
Ada Cochavi Assistant Editor
Deirdre Morrison Editorial Coordinator
Lori Lombardo Production Coordinator
Ellen Devine Production Coordinator
Susan Sanford Assistant Sound Editor
Susan Popovic Assistant Sound Editor
Christian Hill Production Office Assistant
Terri Greening Production Accountant
Miguel Ángel Poveda Post Production Supervisor
B.Z. Petroff Animation Manager
Matthew Luhn Animation
Cynthia Dueltgen Lighting Artist
Matthew Martin Camera Technician
Ewan Johnson Lighting Technician
Ewan Johnson Layout
Victoria Jaschob Assistant Production Coordinator
Don Schreiter Software Engineer
Mark T. VandeWettering Lighting Artist
Mark T. VandeWettering Software Engineer
Maureen Wylie Animation Department Coordinator
Terry McQueen Art Department Manager
Douglas Todd Lighting Coordinator
David H. Ching Information Systems Manager
Jesse William Wallace Editorial Production Assistant
Lisa Ellis Finance
Kevin Bjorke Modeling
Barbara T. Labounta Lighting Coordinator
Michael E. Murdock Systems Administrators & Support
Deborah R. Fowler Modeling
Damir Frkovic Modeling
Damir Frkovic Lighting Artist
Shalini Govil-Pai Modeling
Shalini Govil-Pai Lighting Artist
David R. Haumann Modeling
David R. Haumann Lighting Artist
Yael Milo Modeling
Yael Milo Lighting Artist
Tod Cooper Music Supervisor
Andrew Caldwell Production Intern
Martin Caplan Production Intern
Ryan Chisum Production Intern
Takeshi Hasegawa Production Intern
Jay Hathaway Production Intern
Jason Henry Production Intern
Steven Kani Production Intern
Kevin Page Production Intern
Benjamin Salles Production Intern
Dave Thomas Production Intern
Nancy Copeland Production Office Assistant
Alethea Harampolis Production Office Assistant
Pat Hanrahan Software Engineer
Jim Lawson Software Engineer
M.W. Mantle Software Engineer
David Salesin Software Engineer
Keith B.C. Gordon Shading
Larry Gritz Shading
Larry Gritz Lighting Artist
Bill Carson Software Engineer
Ken Huey Software Engineer
Mark Eastwood Modeling
Monique Hodgkinson Modeling
Grey Holland Modeling
Larry Aupperle Lighting Artist
Heather Knight Animation
Roger Rose Animation

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